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McCoy to mkirk
He's far more gentle than he ought to be, all things considered. But he doesn't want to have taken the time to repair everything of James' only to rend him with his fingers and careless fucking. No need to make more trouble. Not when he's making so much for himself just by fucking around with the Captain. Putting him in his place- if only for as long as he's going to be on the table.

One finger slicks and slides and becomes two, crooking and sliding, palpating the inside of James' passage like any other examination. Like he's not about to prep him for a thorough and lengthy fucking. Professional as can be. Hell, he'd probably be whistling if it weren't for the fact it'd keep him from hearing James' soft little groan.

Sheldon to Leonard
[ three hours spent attempting to find the perfect couch, leonard. hwo dare you think it could take any less than five.

.. more important things. right. your time would be better spend testing out other physicists' theories instead of coming up with your own.

oh wait. you already do that, don't you? oh, darn.

when the offer of popcorn comes up he sets his friend with the most are you insane?! look he could possibly muster. ] Are you trying to kill me, Leonard? Regular consumption of popcorn can only lead to the painful condition known as diverticulitis, and if it's all the same to you, I'm just fine without putting a trip to the emergency room on my agenda for the day.

[ pause. ]

Unless it has extra butter.

Sulu to Kirk
Probably because I'm the helmsman.

[ he's like everyone's chauffeur in space. of course he'd know something about cars.

that and he has a theory that he's being singled out. who hasn't gotten over the dampeners incident? both of them. ]

I'll get back to you soon, Captain.

McCoy to Kirk
[That worked. He wasn't sure if it would, but it seems like a stern line in the sand first and foremost got Jim's attention. Made him agree to behave. This is for him, after all, this is for his enjoyment, his release, his sense of well being. But he needs to acknowledge that Len is in control. Not buck so much against the authority he brings. If they agree, if they set the rules down to make this good? It'll be great.

They just need that understanding. And he thinks, now, that they've got it.]

Good boy.

[He slides his hand from Jim's throat back down to the small of his back, nodding to his erection.]

Get back to touch'n yourself. But don't come, not yet. You got it?

Khan to Kirk

Why would I need to be regulated?

Khan to Kirk
[Khan isn't pulling away, despite his somewhat detached conversation. He has to protect himself.

And it's just hormones, right?]

It has to be.
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