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Khan to Kirk
[Khan isn't pulling away, despite his somewhat detached conversation. He has to protect himself.

And it's just hormones, right?]

It has to be.

River to Alana
Always am. [ it's said so lightly, words discarded without any real weight behind them that she wouldn't fault anyone for not believing her. for all her talk of being dangerous, of being a weapon and so on and so forth, she's been remarkably non-violent ever since arriving in sanctum.

...there was that little incident with mike on arrival, but everyone has their off-days right? ] Have the masses started coming to heal their damage yet? The offer was kind, even if not everyone agreed. They don't always realise how much they need to talk, you know.

Bones to Kirk
Nothing so overt as that. There were ways to make one's victims run over with words; but this isn't it. That's too clumbsy, too clunky, gives away the greater game too soon. No. This little cocktail just makes whatever his victims feel they share to be a little less harmful than they might be. No reason to not talk, after all.

"Meant to what, Jim?" He taps his thumb against the biobed, eyes warm, face open, voice entirely conversational. "I ask the questions."

Bones to Kirk
"I like to think of myself as be'n real friendly." Easy as anything, easy as sunday mornings before church and quickbread simmered in butter and cinnamon, all southern and out of place in this place. Slow and sweet as molasses, the thrum of his voice, the skittering slide of his fingers along the Angel's wrist. He's pushed back and he leans but oh, doesn't that just make the line of his stomach peek out under his shirt, the heat of him under the thin barrier of his shirt.

"I'm just reacquaint'n myself with the glory of god's creation, and with the locals. Haven't been in town for a fair while. Sure as hell wouldn't have wandered off with cozy little things like you flutter'n around." His tail and hand drop away, giving the Angel his space, hell, he even leans back enough to give him breathing room.

"Missed this bridge. You ever been here just at sunrise? Gorgeous. Makes a demon wonder if that's what heaven looks like." See? He's harmless. And pious. A pious demon, wouldn't you wonder at that?

Bones to Kirk
I'm as good as you deserve, sweet boy.

[True to his word he set Jim on his- their- bed. Left him with a slow squeeze to his shoulders and a gentle kiss, all soft lips and tenderness before he had to pull away and start plucking at the wooden case that held the bulk of his implements, such as they were. He didn't use much when it came to Jim when they were like this. Didn't often have to use anything that wasn't already on hand. But he's got a few things he keeps tucked away that he remembers Jim enjoying, a few old favorites of his own, and at least one pair of supple, leather riding gloves that have never seen their intended purpose.

He flicks the worn lid up and picks through a few vials until he finds something that'll warm up nicely and smell musky, offer some nice shine and smoothness for his straight razor, which he pulled from it's own compartment in the side of the case. he had two- one for himself and one for Jim, not that Jim ever used his, or Len ever used the one for himself. They shaved one another when it came down to it.

The razor he sets aside, bringing the vial of oil back to Jim on the bed.]

Stretch out on your back, Darlin. Lemme get to work.

[First the oil, until every inch of Jim's skin was soft and glistening, having taken in as much of the oil as it could bear- then? The razor scraping him clean inch by inch, paring down the hair from everything on Jim from his neck to his toes. Not something they did horribly often for how long it took everything to grow back in and how that would make Jim shift like a squirrely little bastard- but they got time now.]

Bones to Kirk
"I'd thank you to not." Of anything that one could pick a nickname up for him something centered around his dick isn't exactly one he'd consider flattering or at all suitable for mixed company. Or any company. He smiles all the same, teasing is as teasing does and Jim's trying to be kind. Is being kind. Far more than he really ought to be and if he weren't so desperate for some of that sharp edged kindness he might feel like seeing it as pity.

He's got no room in his life for pity.

"Do you now?" That was rather quick. Didn't think he made that kind of impression on him so quickly, but either the kid heard a hellovalot about him from others or he was that creative. Or it was a generic nickname he handed out to John's of his build and coloration, not that he'd mind that overmuch. A job's a job. They're already on the way out the door when he finally stumbles a little- god.

Fucking this man, letting him suck him down? He couldn't. Hadn't. It wasn't how he did things and he had to repress a groan at the mental image. God knows this man has a mouth fit for sin but- he didn't. It wasn't. All he can do is steady himself with the arm around Jim's' waist and bury his face in the kid's hair. Take a few slow breaths to calm himself down. "Not how I usually do things, kid."

For so, so many reasons. Jesus christ. But goddamn if he isn't at least a little tempted.

One foot in front of the other, down well lit sidewalks for another myriad of reasons, fairly public- it's probably why he got caught at this. But he'll take the mess he made of his own life over mak'n things uncomfortable or potentially dangerous for the boys he took to this apartment. It's modest enough, the building, and he tugs Jim up the stairs to the front door, waving his pass to gain them entrance.

"Not far, like I said."

Katniss to Kirk
No. [She stiffened a little, talking about the Games.] It was meant to be a party for all the past victors who were now tributes, honoring their district. [She says this like it's a joke, mostly sarcastic, but every word she says is true and it cuts much deeper than she would like it to.]

The next day-- [Katniss turns to look back at him, away from the hors d'oeuvres.] They threw us in a death match.

[And no, Kirk that isn't a consolation. She just wants to get out of here.]

Gisele to Kirk
Anything that'll look good between my legs.

[ Is she fucking with you? She's totally fucking with you, but hey, it matters not. ]

The last bike I had [ had, not owned, because lbr it was probably stolen ] was a Ducati. I get the feeling that I won't be finding something like that here any time soon.

Sulu to Kirk
I'm pretty sure Scotty's been training him up, too.

[ he doesn't actually know, but he's willing to bet on this with his life. ]

Clara to Kirk
It is a bit mad. But I couldn't just pack up and leave. I'm a nanny, it wouldn't be proper. So I get both normal life and amazing life.

[She laughs and looks at him with wide eyes, she's clearly impressed by that status. And the idea that his entire job and life is all about the stars and exploring.]

Tell me about your starship captain.

Chuck to Kirk
Really. [ he sounds disbelieving and his tone is, in this case, an entirely accurate representation of what he feels. chuck is no stranger to aliens, precisely, but the kind he's encountered aren't exactly big on abduction, more on mindless and indiscriminate destruction.

( or not as indiscriminate as everyone might have thought, but that's another story. ) ]

Bones to Kirk
You don't wanna know.

[And he's not telling. The psychological ramifications of what's happened- that's not his to pick into or start tak'n a hammer to. He can't. He won't. All he'll do is sit and think of the veranda, of sweet tea and Helen on the piano inside, Elenora stirring something in the kitchen, and Jim curled up across from him on the porch swing.]

They're good. Little tired of hav'n to put up with my grumpy ass- [an old joke. Laugh with him, Jim, laugh for him so he'll know you're alive.] but good.
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