Mandii [across the universe] (chasingthewinds) wrote,
Mandii [across the universe]

Clara to Kirk
Might have to take you up on that. I have a pretty high "exciting" threshold. I'd love to see you try and break it..

Is that so? Might have to get a little creative then, huh? Could always come see you in person, really make things exciting. What do you think?

Raven to Kirk
Guess not.

[ she tilts her head slightly as his hand comes in to touch her hair, threading through it; she breathes a sigh shortly before his lips come down on hers, responding slowly, gently.

only after a beat does she deepen the kiss, parting her lips against his, teasingly trying to coax his open. ]

Tate to Hannibal
[ No, Tate wants to say sarcastically, I want to fuck everything up and get us both caught. Sounds like fun. ]

C'mon, Hannibal. You know Constance raised me not to half-ass anything. And with all my mommy issues, you should figure out I'm trying to do just that so she'll love me some way.

Tate to Hannibal
I don't trust her, she's a retard. [ Tate's laugh is less of a laugh, more of a derisive snort. ] Haven't you heard, Doctor? I'm mama's perfect son.

Tate to Hannibal
I can. [ It's a little stubborn, a little hurt, and he's moving up to the other's side, tongue wetting his lips as he watches. ]

I just thought it would be more beautiful like this. [ and, to prove his point, he nods his chin in the direction of his piece of work. ]

Beautiful, perhaps. But sloppy. [ he makes no attempt to sugarcoat the critique. ] It's as though you're fingerpainting, and expecting me to believe this is a masterpiece worthy of praise. If you're going to use an axe, the cuts need to be made clean.

[ he frowns. ] You need to work on your cleanliness, Tate.
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