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Name: Rudy Wade (Rudy Too)
Fandom: Misfits
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Original Universe or Alternate Universe? OU


All of this is only one aspect of Rudy's personality, however. This is his front, his exterior personality. The one he built up as a defence for his insecurities, and to hide the parts of himself he dislikes or fears. And boy does Rudy have insecurities. To the point where when hit by a storm that endowed him with super powers, his insecurities were literally pushed out of him and that little voice in the back of his head became a living, breathing person. There is another aspect of him to, but I will move onto that in more detail later. This second part of him has claimed the name Rudy Too for himself, and on occasion will refer to his original self as Rudy One. To look at the two you wouldn't know they're the same person. Even the way they stand distinguishes them, with Rudy Too adopting a permanently hunched, far more confined posture. He covers himself more, and if he's out of his primary self for any length of time he'll opt for long sleeves if he isn't wearing any already. Rudy Too appears to be more sensitive, being more willing to listen to other people's sob stories, and becoming far more invested in relationships than Rudy is normally willing to be.

This other Rudy is almost always miserable, and if he's happy it's only vaguely, tentatively so. He's a hypochondriac, always convinced he has on incurable disease or another, and many things besides. While Rudy in himself is uncomfortable with deeper topics, Rudy Too is only too happy to discuss at length Rudy and his many problems, real or imagined, both with Rudy or anyone else who might listen. He's extremely critical of Rudy, and by extension himself. He brings up worries from the distant past as well as recent times, such as Rudy's childhood (and occasionally beyond) bed wetting, and the time teenage Rudy became turned on watching his friend Richard Saunders in the shower and had doubts about his sexuality. Rudy Too's mean streak largely only extends to Rudy, and he's mostly pretty nice if miserable on the rare occasions he talks to other people, but he still shares some of the same problems as Rudy does at controlling emotional impulses. The reason Rudy has community service in the first place is because Rudy Too became upset at the breakdown of their relationship with a girlfriend and in his grief ended up trashing her car.

Although Rudy Too is very critical of his other self, he doesn't actually enjoy seeing him unhappy. He talks to him more coaxingly when he's already obviously upset, and will help him out if he can in any truly horrendous situations. He wants Rudy to recognise his problems, but when confronting him causes him to break down it becomes clear he is actually on his side and ultimately what he wants is what's best for Rudy, and by default himself. I've spoken about them as if they are separate people here because this is how they interact, but the reality is they are just different aspects of the same person. Parts of Rudy Too's personality do show in Rudy, it's just less frequent, and very difficult for him to be able to accept that part of himself. Despite this, Rudy is grudgingly becoming more accepting of him and more able to deal with his negative emotions, both when they manifest physically and when he is able to keep Rudy Too within himself. It's a slow process, but he has made some progress. There is a lot of conflict between the two of them, but they've been shown to be far happier with each other than without despite Rudy starting off the series trying to get rid of his second self. He's mentioned he feels strange when Rudy Too isn't inside him, which goes to show he is a genuine part of him, if a difficult part to deal with much of the time.

Other Notables: Rudy Too is, technically, the embodiment of all Rudy's insecurities. Under ordinary circumstances they can merge and Rudy Too will generally appear when Rudy One is feeling upset or uncomfortable with something. In game Rudy One and Rudy Too will remain separate, however, and will not be able to merge with each other as they usually can.




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