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Name: Your name
Other characters: Any other characters you play here?

Name: Character's name
Fandom: Fandom of origin
Canon point/AU: Where in their story you plan to take them from?
**If you are apping a canon Hunger Games Character your canon point is automatically set to just after the 74th Annual Hunger Games.
PB: Play-by. The actor or character you are using in icons.
History: Links are preferred, however if you are apping an OC or AU, or the character doesn't have much history, feel free to elaborate on their world and life.

Presentation: What's the outside like? Their personality? How do they present themselves to the world? This section, along with motivation, should be the meat and potatoes of your app, with at least 2-3 paragraphs
Motivations: And what's going on on the inside?

Setting: How do you plan for this character to react to the Games setting? We are not looking for specifics, but more of a general idea for how you plan to play your character reacting to repeated, violent events, and their agency being stripped away from them.

First Person Thread: An example of a first person post, at least 200 words minimum. Feel free to use introspection and scene setting if your character is not chatty. Please use one of the two following prompts:

For Tributes: You have just been killed in your first arena. It was violent, messy, and unexpected. And just as suddenly you wake back up in a very cold, very medical room. After a few moments of silence, a voice comes up over the speakers.

"Please use the device to the right to record your current feeling on your loss. Once you are finished, someone will be along to take you back to the Capitol." On cue, a small recording device starts to chirp at your side.

It is quite clear that you will be staying in the room until you make that recording.

For Capitols OCs and AUs: For Capitols OCs and AUs: Somehow you ended up privy to a private post just gushing about how much they just LOVE the new games, how they think they are the best thing since sliced bread. Then the poster (Your friend? Some random person from a party who decided they wanted to send you their private thoughts? A rival trying to pin you into an uncomfortable spot?) namesdrops you for your opinion on the new format, versus the quaint, old-fashion style of the game.

Everyone on the broadcast is just waiting for your input.

Prose: 200 word minimum. To mimic the spirit of capriciousness within this game, please write your third person sample based on the following prompt:

You have been set in a room in front of the Gamemakers to be judged on a score of one to twelve, with one being the lowest and twelve being the highest. The Gamemakers sit safely behind a force field and watch, and you are provided with an array of weapons and targets, though no gun to be seen.

If you are a new tribute, you have been plucked from home and rushed in here with only a brief explanation of what is going on: You are about to enter an arena death match that only one person will make it out of, and impressing these people will help you live.

If you are someone from Panem, then you are very unlucky. You know what's going on but... you were told all the tributes were from a foreign land now. So why are you in front of the Gamemakers fighting for your life now? Are you a criminal, a traitor, deeply in debt? Or do you even know why you were shoved in to this room?

What is your character scored: When scoring your character take into account their physical strengths and weaknesses, mental strengths and weaknesses, and crowd likability. The score on your app has nothing to do with the gamemakers session in your sample, it is an OOC score for mod purposes and should not be based on how they actually are in front of the Gamemakers. In addition, please list their powers, for arena's that allow powers.

Additional information: Question specifically for certain character types. Feel free to ignore if it does not apply to your character type. Please answer all that do (For example, a past victor AU would answer both their question, and the past victory question)

Past victor: Please describe your character's arena, and their relationship with the Capitol since.

Past victor AU: What district is your character from? How do they feel about home?

Hunger Games AU and OC: What is your reasoning for the capitol to include your canon doppelganger if they app in? What district is your character from? How do they feel about home?
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